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Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sundays 9am-5pm

Catering Connection

The Catering Connection is a full service catering company. Let us help you plan your next party. We can handle your food needs for any special event you may have planned.

Stop in the store to see Linda, catering staff, or contact one of them at (989) 269-7442 for details.

**Due to the rising cost of beef, we find it necessary to adjust our pricing. Should your meat selection include the Roast Beef, Meatballs, or the Swiss Steak, you will be charged an additional .30 per person. Choosing two of the beef items would result in an additional charge of .60 per person. We will continue to monitor the beef market and adjust our prices accordingly. Thank you.

Catering Guidelines


* Only menu available for this occasion.